FAQ 2018

FAQ 2018 EN

1) Marathon / Half-Marathon / 13 KM du Rhône

YES if you born in 2002 or before… but, the race choice is defined by your age:

  • The 13 KM du Rhône if you are 16 years old or more the D-day
  • The Half-Marathon if you are 18 years old or more the D-day
  • The Marathon if you are 20 years old or more the D-day

  • Other conditions are MANDATORY

    You must give to the organisation BEFORE 30 OCTOBER

  • Your medical certificate for the practice of « competitive athletics or running » (mandatory mention).

    It’s easy and you will receive a confirmation of your subscription. It will be approved when your file is completed

    ALL subscriptions will have to be done on the following site: Online Registration

  • YES

    « I will be less than 18 years old the D-day (I’m born between 17 Nov 2000, and 17 Nov 2002, I must fill the Parental Permission and upload it online before 30 October (no Parental permission will be approved on the D-day while picking up the bibs).

    After October the 30th, I won’t be able to resolve my bib. »

    To download the file: https://njuko-edition-file.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/2415/Autorisation%20parentale%20mineurs_grhefxdvu1.pdf
    All subscriptions are done on Online Registration

    When can i pick it? Thurday, Nov 15 from 12am to 8pm and Friday, Nov 16 from 12am to 8pm

    Where can i pick it? At Parc Expo (marked route), rue de l'industrie (East of Villefranche)

    You can ask a friend to pick it up for you. WARNING! He will need your “carte de retrait” (will be activated on your online subscription 15 days before the race) and a photocopy of you identity card. Your medical certificate must be approved by the organisation before 30 October.

    Bib must be fixed with a pin on the chest for the duration of the race. All the surface must be visible.

    To be timed : your chip must be detected of timing mats on the path. Please respect the following precautions:

  • Do not fold or fold your bib
  • Do not take off the electronic ribbons
  • Do not write on it
  • If you have a clothe on it, open it when you walk above the timing mats

  • Absence of a bib will lead to the disqualification of the runner. Unsubscribed runners or runners running with someone else identity are not insured.

    Your subscription includes:

    Full happiness

  • The access to the Marathon village (open to all) where you can enjoy Beaujolais’ local products and some more proposed by other regions’ festive races
  • A locker’s bag
  • A technical tee-shirt
  • A Beaujolais Nouveau wine bottle
  • Free shuttle between car parks and the start of the 13 Km du Rhône race, the half-marathon and the city center will also allow you to come back to the car park in the end of the afternoon
  • Transportation by bus to the start in Fleurie for the Marathon runners (on Marathon bib presentation)
  • The race you chose with classic supplies every 5 km, but also a lot of bonus supplies where you will be able to savour a lot Beaujolais Nouveau in a very musical atmosphere
  • A “taste-wine” vintage medal for the Marathon finishers
  • Scratch times and real time by the hundredth of a second with the intermediary time for the Marathon runners
  • The personal certificate of Marathon International du Beaujolais to edit at home
  • November, Saturday the 18th

  • MARATHON : 9am at Fleurie (30 km at the North of Villefranche sur Saône)

  • Free bus reserved for Marathon runners from 6:30am to 7:15am at Parc Expo (granted by a Marathon bib).

    Parc Expo’s car park is only for Marathon runners.

    The Marathon’s finish line is about 3 km from Parc Expo (shuttle are planned from the finish line to Parc Expo).

  • HALF-MARATHON : 12am at Villefranche sur Saône, avenue Saint Exupéry, MONGRE’s place.
  • 13 KM du Rhône : 2pm30 at Villefranche sur Saône, avenue Saint Exupéry, MONGRE’s place
  • No problem

    There are supplies every 5 km on the 3 races, you will not lack of sugary food, savoury, local drinks VERY BEAUJOLAIS and even some water.

    YES! A locker is available for every single race.

    You will be able to entrust your runner’s bag given by the organisation in the corresponding race’ locker room.

    You will be able to pick it up after your race thanks to your bib. Be careful, only the bags given by the organisation at the bib’s picking will be accepted (no luggage or traveling bag).


    Movable toilets and some permanents (including in some castles…) will be usable along the path. There are clearly marked.

    Yes ! Only for the Marathon.

    Proposed paces : 3H15 / 3H30 / 3H45 / 4H00

    Your results and the global results of the finishers will be available on the race day.

  • Displayed on the notice boards sided to the finish line.
  • Results are downloadable on our website marathondubeaujolais.org

  • Your well-deserved certificate will be downloadable on this same website (few days after the race).

    Pictures of be taken by PHOTORUNNING will be available 24 h after you crossed the finish line. On our website.

    Find your pictures on our partner’s website: http://photorunning.fr

    Marathon runners will be able to enjoy recovery treatments well deserved given by physiotherapists and osteopaths under the covered market (Marathon’s locker room).

    More than 1000 volunteers supervise the event. They are recognizable thanks to their outfit. They will be everywhere to work for you security, your supplies from the start to the end. They are nice and will not hesitate to inform or help you

    The General Quarter of the organisation is open for you rue de la Paix, next to the finish lane, on the Village Marathon.

    YES YES YES If you are welcoming, join us and participate to the party. 17 000 worldwide runners will like our BEAUJOLAIS territory.

    For more information, go on the webpage dedicated to ours volunteers : INFORMATIONS………..VOLUNTEERS.