Race Rules



  • ART.1: the “Marathon International du Beaujolais”, the semi-marathon and the “13km du Beaujolais” will be organised by “BEAUJOLAIS RUNNERS” on Saturday November 17th, 2018.
  • ART.2: the races are open to runners with a numbered singlet, both with and without licences, who, on the day of the race (17/11/2018) are aged:
  • 20 or more for the Marathon,
  • 18 or more for the Semi-Marathon,
  • 16 or more for the 13km du Rhône.

For minors, the parental consent must be enclosed with the registration form. The results of the various age categories will be established separately. Inspections will be made during the races to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

  • ART.3: Foreign participants must provide a medical certificate with the mention that they are allowed to practice running competitions, even if they have a competition licence from a federation affiliated to the IAAF. This medical certificate must be written into French, dated and signed by a doctor. If the medical certificate is not written into French, the document must be translated into French. 

(Download the template).

  • ART.4 : Bib numbers will be given only if you handle the « carte retrait » and an identity document (passport) :
    • Thursday November 15th from 12.00 am to 8.00 pm
    • And Friday November 16th from 12.00 am to 8.00 pm
    • At PARCEXPO Village (121 avenue de l’Europe, 69400 Villefranche sur Saône)
  • ART.5: all entries are nominative, firm and definitive. No refunds or compensation will be paid for any reason whatsoever, and the organisers reserve the right to cancel the races in the event of force majeure or the occurrence of any event that may compromise the safety of the runners.
  • ART.6: every change to your registration file (change of race or of runner) will result in a charge of €5.
  • ART.7: all the runners take part in the competition under their own and exclusive responsibility. The number on the singlet, which is placed at the front for the race, must be clearly visible, failing which the runner may be disqualified. Registrations cannot be transferred. Any entrant that gives his/her singlet to another party remains fully liable for any damages suffered or caused by the latter in the course of the race, and the organizers decline any liability in such situations. Each runner is responsible for the safe keeping of their belongings, and the organization declines any liability in the event of the loss, theft or damage to the latter.
  • ART.8: the organizers have taken out an insurance policy for civil liability, in accordance with the applicable legislation, and substantiated its validity to the official authorities in the form of a certificate that was submitted when the application for administrative authorisation was made. The organizers strongly recommend that any runners who do not have a personal insurance policy covering corporal damage, and in particular runners that do not belong to a sporting federation, should take out an individual policy covering their participation in the event.
  • ART.9: competitors must complete the course within a given maximum time (see “Useful Information”). After the passage of the sweeper car, runners that are not within the maximum time may be disqualified unilaterally by the organizers, in which case they must hand over their singlet. Since the safety measures no longer apply in this case, any runners who continue after they have been disqualified do so at their own risk and must abide by the rules of the French Highway Code. The organisers shall not be held liable in the event of an accident.
  • ART.10: runners without singlets, animals and all vehicles, motorised or not, are strictly forbidden on the course, apart from those belonging to the organisers. Companions and followers are forbidden, and may cause the athlete to be disqualified.
  • ART.11: the first three finishers in the men’s and women’s overall results in all three races, and the first three teams in all three races, will receive a trophy at the prize-giving ceremony on the day of the race.
  • ART.12: by entering any event organised by “BEAUJOLAIS RUNNERS”, each competitor expressly authorises the association, its members and its beneficiaries, including partners and the media, to use directly, or in a derived form, the still or audiovisual images taken on this occasion, in which they may appear, on all media, including promotional and advertising documents, worldwide and for the longest term authorised by the current and future international laws, regulations, usages and conventions, and implicitly waiver any claims to remuneration or compensation. The organisers hereby inform the competitors that their contact details may be given to partner companies or associations, and that they may receive offers from the latter.
  • ART.13: in accordance with the amended French law on Information Technology and Individual Freedom, passed on 6 January 1978, all the competitors are entitled to demand the right to access, correct and oppose any personal information about them from the organisers.
  • ART.14: every competitor acknowledges that they have read and understood these regulations (available on the internet and on demand), and that they accept all the clauses. They solemnly swear that they will not jump the start and will cover the complete distance of the course before crossing the finishing line.


More information available from the French Athletics Federation: www.athle.com

The organisation reminds the competitors that the abuse of alcohol is harmful to health and invites them to consume alcohol with moderation (minors are strictly forbidden from consuming alcohol).