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2017 : The 13th beaujolais marathon!

This is indeed the return of the New York Marathon – late 1995 – only 3 runners Beaujolais had the idea to create a marathon in Beaujolais: Christian Dechant, Jean-Luc Durafour and Alain Bouhy launched soon joined the project of a dozen other friends runners on foot, and for the most marathoners.

The founding principle:

“Know how to give to others what we receive when we go running elsewhere.” “And why would we not able to organize around a marathon-running through our region – a beautiful celebration built around the values ​​underpinning our region: the sense of hospitality, conviviality, solidarity. ”

At the beginning of the year 1996

Beaujolais Road Runners Club Marathon organizer Beaujolais was born. But why an English name?

In fact, as a simple glance at the “New York Road Runners Club,” organizer of the legendary club New York Marathon. From Spring 1996, edition of “0” will bring together an unofficial, forty riders – all members of the “BRR” or close friends of the organizers who profit from the weekend of Pentecost to inaugurate the route of what became the first marathon of Beaujolais. The trial run is successful, we must now go to work for the weekend of Pentecost 1997 – 1st edition – can proceed smoothly: resources are limited but the desire is great and a good team Buddy tackles the task taken up by the wives of club members. The first official marathon takes place and bring together nearly 400 runners. A great celebration is held parallel to the race with Pasta party in Régnié Durette, marathon night of the Companions of the Beaujolais winery in Lacenas day and discovered Juliénas. Over the next four years, each edition attracts more runners: In 2001, 750 runners participate in the fifth edition of the Marathon du Beaujolais and 750 runners in the race “12 km of Beaujolais” organized with the festival committee Régnié Durette. But that year, club members ask a breather (a shame for runners!). For three years, the marathon is hard, replaced by a kind race organized by our club Régnié Durette and meeting annually about 500 runners.

But in early 2005 …

Club members demonstrate their commitment to revive the Beaujolais Marathon. An organizing committee – in the club – is set up consists of fifteen members and chaired by Joël le Minous “call the Cat”, Luc Vapillon and Vincent Jaccard. New date: Day of the Beaujolais Nouveau 3rd weekend of November. New course, new sites but always against the same atmosphere, the same pleasure shared between runners, volunteers and organizers. 900 runners in 2005 for the revival of Beaujolais Nouveau Marathon and over 1,300 participants in 2006 and converted try entering the French Top 10 marathons! Born in 2008, the “12 km Beaujolais” which this time takes the last 12 km route of the Marathon du Beaujolais. Again, try converted with nearly 1200 runners.2009, a historical participation, 4000 runners on 2 strokes, a splendid feast followed by a nice novelty, Beaujolais parade.


With over 2000 runners dice the first edition, the Half Marathon takes place on the feast of running. This birth is accompanied by a new final 3 races for which the main difficulties have been planed. Baptism consecrates the Marathon du Beaujolais (new name). The event took on a new dimension. over 8000 riders start in 2012 This event becomes the inevitable marathon festive fall. New attendance records are set on all races (with maximum quotas on Semi and 12 KM). 27 countries representing five continents confirm the Internationalization of MIBeaujolais Press confirms the positioning (very) festive MIB placing it in the TOP10 of 6500 races in France.

Adventure can continue for many more years!