Family Marathon

2 km 532  21 November 2020

Start : Villefranche sur Saône  10h

Finish : Villefranche sur Saône

Time limit : No time limit

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The Family Marathon becomes part of the International Marathon of Beaujolais and replaces the Beaujolais Colors

This race is only for fun, it is open to anyone, no matter what age. No times are recorded and you do not need a medical certificate to be able to register

The route: a loop of 2,5 km in the centre of Villefranche sur Saône. Up to you to decide whether you complete it once or twice. Just as with all the other races of the International Marathon of Beaujolais, participants in the Family Marathon are encouraged to bring their very best disguises!

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Follow these links to register either yourself, or your group, for the Family Marathon of Beaujolais

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