International Marathon
of Beaujolais

Marathon Half Marathon 13 km of the Rhône

17 NOV 2018



► So far as we are aware at this time, it is extremely unlikely that the town of Villefranche will be completely cut off but we do anticipate that certain entry points to the town will be affected. We have no specific knowledge right now of where the demonstrators will be but we can assume the exits from the A6 motorway will be one of their targets.
Unfortunately, we can do no more than recommend that all participants prepare themselves by arriving earlier than originally planned, using the secondary roads.
► Beware, the SNCF informs us that there will be no trains between Lyon and Macon on 17th and 18th November. Substitute buses will be set up by SNCF. Information

Join us for the 2018 edition of
the International Marathon of Beaujolais

In 2018, the International Marathon of Beaujolais goes further than ever before to become the extraterrestrial marathon!


42,195 km

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Half Marathon

21,097 km

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13 km of the Rhône

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Get into the mood of the International Marathon of Beaujolais

Whilst the 14th International Marathon of Beaujolais is being prepared behind the scenes, we bring down the curtain on the 2017 edition with the video of last year’s best moments!

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The Races

Discover all the races: Marathon, Half Marathon or 13 km of the Rhône AND do your best to turn up at the start in a disguise. Enjoy a once in a lifetime experience with a variety of entertainment and opportunities for sampling throughout the race!

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...other festive events…

The Pasta-Party, the Night of the Marathon and the introduction to wine-making with lunch at the Hameau du Vin (Wine Hamlet): take the opportunity of your visit to Beaujolais to enjoy all of our extra festival events

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THE 2018 RUNNER'S GUIDE You will find the answers to all your questions in the new 2018 RUNNER'S GUIDE. REMINDERS Collect your singlet in the Marathon Village in the Parc Expo (221 Avenue de l'Europe in Villefranche-sur-Saône). The village will be open on Thursday 15...

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Some tips on running in hot weather

With only a few months to go before the Marathon International du Beaujolais, many runners make the most of the summer holidays to start or to intensify their preparations for the event. Your training programme depends very much on your level of experience and the...

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Festive Running : Marathon International du Beaujolais

As preparations for the 14th Marathon International du Beaujolais are already underway behind the scenes, here is a video looking back at the highlights of the 2017 event! Enjoy the extra-terrestrial atmosphere of the Marathon International du Beaujolais by...

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Take part in the race!

The International Marathon of Beaujolais at Villefranche-sur-Saône is one of the TOP 5 festive races (fun runs) in France.
Each year this event brings together several thousands of runners to celebrate the arrival of the Beaujolais Nouveau in a unique atmosphere mixing sport and fun

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