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Are you part of a group or a team?

A group in the name of your Club/Association/Group of Friends…allows our organization to identify all of your registrations at one go – for the Marathon, the Half Marathon, the 13 KM as well as for the evening activities

Once connected within your group (see procedure), your runners can register in a team or teams.

In order to do this, each runner must tick “OUI” (“YES”?) against the question Challenge par équipe (Team Challenge?) and then specify the name of their team.
A team is composed of 3 runners in the same race

All the runners registered in a team will figure in the results by team and not in the individual results. The times of the 3 runners of the team will be aggregated, on condition that all of the runners cross the finishing line before the time limit for the race concerned

Your group may therefore include several teams competing in different races

Licence or Medical Certificate

Important: There will be no facility to validate licences or medical certificates on the spot when the race bibs are distributed. Without a valid medical certificate, we are not able to provide you with your race bib

In order to participate, you must provide a /licence or medical certificate whose dates of validity cover the day of the race

The only licences which can be accepted are those covering 2018/2019 and must be valid as of 01/09/2018 :

  • Those issued by the FFA – French Athletics Federation  – (Athlé Compétition, Athlé Entreprise, Athlé Running, Le Pass J’aime Courir). 
  • Those issued by the FFCO (French Orienteering Federation), the FFPM (French Modern Pentathlon Federation) and the FFTri (French Triathlon Federation) for competition purposes.

    Runners holding licences from other Athletics Federations, or those without licences, must provide a medical certificate (original or copy) dated within 12 months of the date of the race. The certificate must specify “absence of any contraindications for participation in running (or athletics) in competition”.       

    No other document confirming the possession of a valid medical certificate is admissible.

    Important: A certificate with a validation period of 3 years can only be used by a licence holder for the renewal of a licence.

    The valid medical certificate/licence must be submitted at the moment of registration (uploaded directly online in your registration file in either PDF or JPEG format only). Submissions via email or post will not be accepted.

    It is essential that your medical certificate/licence be uploaded to your registration before 30/10/2018.

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