With 50 podium finishes in various disciplines, 25 wins, 4,384 km under his belt and 322,837 metres running up and downhill, François D’Haene has triumphed in the world’s greatest ultra-trails.

This top-ranking sportsman shares our values of warmth, generosity, exaltation and enthusiasm!

About François D’Haene:

Twice-winner of the Mont-Blanc Ultra-Trail and the record-holder with a time 20h 11min 44sec for the 167km
Three-times winner of the Grand Raid de la Réunion
Since June 2016, record-holder for running the GR 20 (180km in 31h 6min).

François D’Haene is also a wine-grower on the Germain domain in St Julien in the Beaujolais, a masseur and a physiotherapist.