“Every runner has very fond memories of the Marathon du Beaujolais.”

The route features numerous attractions as it winds through the vineyards, giving the event a very special flavour. Before the publication of the routes at the end of July on our web site, here’s something to whet your appetite:

  • The marathon runners will pass through nine magnificent châteaux on the route, with 15 wine-tasting stands and nine complete refreshment points.
  • Along the 21 km of the half-marathon, there will be 14 opportunities to taste some wine and four refreshments stands.
    New for 2017: the magnificent Cuvage des Compagnons in Lacenas.
  • Runners in the 13 km du Rhône will have their fair share too, with 10 wine-tasting stands and two refreshment points, where they can slake their thirst.

34 bands will be playing along the route to encourage you. Once they have crossed the finishing line, the marathon runners will be able to head for the health centre, manned by physiotherapists, pedologists and osteopaths. Lastly, all the runners will have free access to Villefranche swimming pool, where they can present their singlet and take a relaxing dip.