Race Regulations

This regulation is subject to modifications.
 The International Marathon of Beaujolais as well as the Half Marathon and the 13km of the Rhône, the Family Marathon and the Rando pour elles are organized by the association « BEAUJOLAIS RUNNERS », and will take place on Saturday, November 19th 2022.


5 distances:
-Marathon Solo or Relay
-Half Marathon
-13km du Rhône
-Family Marahon

Registrations only by internet throught the International Marathon of Beaujolais’s website.

Registrations are firm and final. Any refund can be make except for the runners who have taken the “cancellation guarantee” option and for medical reason (see conditions in the cancellation guarantee section).
Registration are personnal, the bib transfer is authorized and is done directly to the runner registration.
The organisation decline all responsability in case of dispute between the 2 runners.
Anyone with a bib acquired in violatation of theses rules may be disqualified.

Each competitor participates in the event on his sole and exclusive responsibility and at his own risk ; the number of the race bib, attached to your chest during the race, must be completely visible and readable, on pain of disqualification.

No transfer of registration may be made without informing the race organization.

Anyone registered who gives their race bib to someone else, remains entirely and solely responsible for any damage or loss, either suffered or caused by this person during the race. The race organization refuses any responsibility whatsoever in these circumstances.

Each individual is entirely and solely responsible for the safety of their personal effects. The race organization categorically refuses any responsibility for any loss, theft or damage.

Participation in the races requires to wear a bib fixed on the chest by 3 pins.
It should in any case be reduced, cut, under penalty of disqualification.

Bib withdrawal on presentation of on ID card and your bib card:
Thursday 11/17 12pm to 8pm
Friday 11/18 10 am to 8 am
121, avenue de l’Europe – 69400 Villefranche sur Saone.

 No bib withdrawal on the race day Saturday 11/18.

Possibility of sending your bib for the registration before 10/16 only if your adresse is in Metropolitan France.
This option can be taken during the registration only and can’t be refund.Your file must be complete (medical certificate approved by the organisation) before 10/16.
The organisation cannot be held for responsible for malfunctions of the postal services.

Age requirements on the day of the race (19/11/2022) :

20 years or more for the Marathon,
18 years or more for the Half Marathon,
16 years or more for the Relay Marathon and for the 13km race
12 years or more for Rando POUR ELLES
12 years or more for the Marathon Family (under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult)

For runners who are less than 18 years old, it is essential that parental permission is correctly granted during the online registration process. 
Only the organisation document will be take in account, you can find the document here.

During the races, controls will take place in order to ensure that there are no irregularities or failures to comply with the race regulations.


2000 first bibs* : 63 euros 
Remaining bibs : 78 euros
Cancellation guarantee: 12 euros
Postponement option : 8 euros

Marathon Relay 3/4
2000 first bibs* : 110 euros 
Remaining bibs: 130 euros
Cancellation guarantee: 20 euros
Postponement option: 16 euros

2000 first bibs* : 37 euros 
Remaining bibs : 45 euros
Cancellation guarantee: 8 euros 
Postponement option: 6 euros

13km du Rhône
2000 first bibs* : 24 euros 
Remaining bibs : 32 euros
Cancellation guarantee: 6 euros
Postponement option: 4 euros

22 euros
Cancellation guarantee: 5 euros
Postponement option:  4 euros

Family Marathon + 12 ans
12 euros 
Cancellation guarantee: 3 euros
Postponement option: 2 euros

Family Marathon – 12 ans
8 euros
Cancellation guarantee: 3 euros
Postponement option: 2 euros

*All races combined
**Subject to availability
Registration on the week-end of the event subject to availability. Prices will be increased.

Registration includes

 -Acces to the marathon willgae
– Gym bag
– Gift for all
– Bottle of Beaujolais Nouveau wine (only for Marathon, Marathon Relays, Half marathon, 13km du Rhône
– Free shuttles from the relay parking to the races stard of 13km du Rhône and Half Marathon and return shuttles.
– Free shuttle to the Marathon Start at Fleurie on presentation of marathon bib.
– Food suppplies
– Medal
– Time results
– Printable diploma



The participation in the races will only be possible for runners who provide: 

For french runner

  • a licence Athlé Compétition, Athlé Entreprise or Athlé Running issued by the FFA, valid on the date of the event or a « Pass’ J’aime Courir » issued by the FFA and completed by a doctor, valid on the day of the event. (Important : other licences issued by the FFA (Santé-Loisirs, Encadrement et Découverte will not be accepted) 
  • OR a sports licence, valid on the date of the event, issued by an approved federation only, on which is stipulated that there are no contraindications regarding a participation in competitive sports or in competitive running races ;
  • OR a medical certificate stipulating an absence of any contraindication regarding a participation in competitive sports, in competitive athletics, or in competitive running races, dated less than a year before the date of the event, or a copy of said certificate. No document confirming the existence or possession of such a medical certificate will be accepted.

Depending on which valid document is presented, he race organization will retain either the trace of the licence presented (its number and the details of the issuing federation), or the original or the copy of the certificate.


  • Participants from abroad must present a medical certificate stipulating an absence of any contraindications for participation in competitive athletics, or in competitive running races, EVEN IF they are in possession of a competition licence issued by a federation affiliated to the IAAF. The text of this certificate must in French, dated, signed and stamped by the doctor in such a way as to be able to identify his name and address, whether or not he is registered in France. If the text is not in French, then the certificate must be accompanied by a translation into French.


  • It will be impossible to collect race bibs without a valid identity document (ID Card, Passport), and on condition that this has already been validated by the race organizers.


In case of cancellation, the organisation will make no refund.
However to cover your registration, the organisation has put in place 2 options you can suscribe during your registration only.

Cancellation guarantee
You can suscribe to this option during your registration only.
You can have th refund of your registrations fees (less 4€ in file fees, transaction fees and guarantee cancellation option amount) in 2 cases:

1- You want to cancel your registration for medical reason
Condition: Provide a medical certificat of cons indication of sport in english or in french
You refund request must be made before 11/15/22 (postmark will be considered as proof) at Extra Sports – International Beaujolais Marathon – 107, rue Béchevelin – 69007 Lyon.
If you have choosen to receive your bib by mail, your cancellation request has to be made before 10/16.

2-If the organization has to cancel or postpone part or all the competitions for any reason that put the runner’s life in danger or in case of force majeur, only those who have suscribe to the “cancellation guarantee” may request the refund of their registration without proof (less 4€ in refund fees, the transaction fees and the amount of the cancellation guarantee.

Postponement option
During the registration only, you can suscribe to the postponement 2023 option.
This option allows you to request the postponement of your regsitation (without option) for the International Beaujolais Marathon 2023.
The postponement is only available on the same competition for 2023.
The request has to be made by email at contact@marathondubeaujolais.org before 11/15
If you have choosen to receive your bib by mail, your postponement request has to be made before 10/16. 

Race change
No change in race can be made without payment of the difference in price (if the race is more expensive), however, no reimbursement will be made in the case of a change to a less expensive race.
The change is possible before 11/07.

Bib transfert

Transferring a race bib to another runner (in the same race) is possible online, it has to be done by the runner who cancels (see section My Registration / Transfer of Race Bib).
It’s mandatory to follow this procedure if you want to tranfer your bib.
Bib transfer is possible before 11/07.
The refund of the runner who cancel his registration will be made once the registration of the other runner is made.
Registration is on the current price.
Refund: registration fees less transaction fees and 4€ refund fees.

If you have an invitation, the bib transfert is not possible.

The bib transfer without notifying the organisation is not allowed.

Groups (more than 10 people) : no changes allowed after 10/25.

Elite and preferential Bibs
The request has to be made during the registration and before 09/30.


 The participant commit to cover the distance and the route planned in the best sportsmanship possible.

Accompanying and supporting family or friends are also strictly forbidden on the race course, at risk of having their athlete disqualified.

Runners without race bibs, animals and any form of wheeled machinery, whether motorized or not, are strictly forbidden on the course route. The sole exception are those belonging to the race organization itself.
In view of the terrain used for the race routes (slopes, cart tracks, pavement edges…) the races are not suitable for wheelchairs. 

Time and check points
Time will be ensured by device on the ankle or bib.
Each competitor must insctall his bib or bracelet provided by the organisation has indicated without making any change.
Elecronic control will be install on the route.
The runners not registered at the checkpoints will be disqualified. 

Road sign
The rout will be signposted using directional signs and indicating difficulties and possible dangers.
On the public roads, each participant must follow the highway code and will be solely reponsible for any breach of theses rules.

Time barriers
Time barrier 1 –  21.10km: 12.30 pm
Time barrier 2 –  30.10km: 14 pm
Time barrier 3 – 42.20km: 16 pm

Half marathon
Time barrier 1 – 13.20km:  14..30 pm
Time barrier 2 – 21.10km: 16 pm

13km du Rhône
Time barrier 1 – 7.30km: 15.43 pm
Time barrier 2 – 13km : 16.40 pm

Any participant will be timed after the time barriers above. You will be considered as out of the race and uder your own responsability.The organization decline all responsability on the routes after this time barriers.
Medical services on the route will be empowered to disqualify any competitor who appears medically unfit to continue the race.


Other disqualification possibilities

– In case of food supplies outside the feeding points
– In case of throwing empty bottles, packaging, paper, plastic, outside the feedings stations (more than 100m after the feeding stations)

 Feeding stations
They are set up every five kilometer along the whole route for marathon, half marathon and 13km.





Trophies and prizes for the first 3 of the male and female scratch finishers in individual competitions and for each first team on Marathon Relay 3 and 4 (male, femal and mixed).
Trophies and prizes for the best costumes in all the races.
No podium for categories: the winner of each FFA category of each race will receive a free bib for the same race for the 2023 competition.
No accumulation: A participant who can have 2 podiums will be rewarded only for the mots prestigious title (in our exemple the scatch).

Price giving ceremony
It will take place on the day of the race.
Only the participants present to the ceremony will be rewarded.

The results are provided to the runners on the International Beaujolais Marathon website (exept for Rando POUR ELLES and Family Marathon).
Any complaint or protest concerning the results must be sent to the race organization no later than 15 days after the race event.





Anti-doping control
It can take place on site. In these case the rewarded runners will received their prizes once the anti-doping control result will be known.






With the acceptance of the present regulation, all the participants:

 *Declare to release BEAUJOLAIS RUNNERS, the Family Marathon organizer, from any responsibility, especially on the subject of injuries, material or physical damages caused or endured by their child(ren), theft or loss of goods, and any site degradation.

*Declare to renounce as of today to assert any kind of claim or complaint, especially in case of accident, injury, theft, damages on personal belongings or material, happening within the context of the participation of my child(ren) to the event.

*Declare to have subscribed for this purpose to a liability insurance, plus a health/accident insurance, guaranteeing my child(ren) against any kind of damage or harm caused to or by them. And that this insurance contract doesn’t mention any contrary clause to what has previously been declared.

*Vouch for the waiver by their insurers, of the right to exercise any remedies against BEAUJOLAIS RUNNERS.

*Authorize any physician to administer or have another physician administering necessary medical treatment / surgical procedure in case of emergency and/or to prescribe any treatment rendered necessary by the health condition of my child(ren).

*Acknowledge that the Family Marathon participants, whether they are members of a sports federation or not, can subscribe as of now by email or at the latest while collecting their bib number, to an insurance ensuring the payment of a capital in case of physical injuries (death or permanent disability), caused by an accident arisen on the race track, whether they caused it or not, and whether there is an identifiable third party or not. Depending on the injuries, the financial compensation intervenes as soon as the insured is victim of an accident during his participation to the event. This insurance is optional but recommended. It can be subscribed either as a complement of an existing insurance or in the lack of any similar insurance, usually obtained through a subscription to a sports license.

*Acknowledge that BEAUJOLAIS RUNNERS cannot be held responsible in case of theft, damage or loss of the participant’s personal belongings. Consequently, each participant, if he deems necessary, will have to subscribe to an insurance.

*Expressly authorize BEAUJOLAIS RUNNERS or its beneficiaries to use, reproduce or have the name, the voice and the sporting performance of their child(ren) used or reproduced in the context of the Family Marathon, for the purpose of any direct or derived exploitation of the event, on any support, including commercial and/or advertising purposes, anywhere in the world and by any medium, known or unknown as of today, and for a duration of 5 years, commencing on the execution of the agreement.

*Acknowledge that the acceptation of this application and of the duly regularized disability waiver are indispensable for their child(ren) to compete in the Family Marathon.

The race organization has taken out insurance for civil liability as required by the legislation currently in force and has provided the required valid justification to the prefectoral services with the presentation of a confirmation in response to the request from the administrative authorities.

The race organization strongly recommends that all runners who do not have insurance for personal injuries, in particular those who do not have a license issued by a sporting federation, take out individual accident insurance to cover their participation in the event.

 By registering for any event organized by the  « BEAUJOLAIS RUNNERS », every participant confirms his specific authorization to the association, to its members as well as to all other parties with appropriate rights, such as sponsors and members of the media to use directly or indirectly any still or audiovisual pictures taken during the complete event on which they may appear, and this on any media, including on promotional and advertising material, anywhere in the world and this for as long as this is permitted by the legislation, regulations, accepted usage and international conventions whether actual or future, and renounces implicitly any right to make any demand for either remuneration or compensation. The race organization informs all participants that their coordinates may be provided to the sponsors and other sister-organizations and that they may therefore receive offers from these bodies.


In accordance with the law, the organizers have subscribed to an insurance covering the consequences of their third party liability. The organizer subscribed to a third party liability insurance but each participant will need to be covered by his own insurance. Participants who have subscribed to a sports license can benefit from the insurance included in their license. Participants who have not subscribed to a sports license will have to get an insurance of their own.


“I expressly authorize the organizers of “Marathon international du Beaujolais”and their beneficiaries such as media and partners, to make use of any still or audiovisual picture on which I may appear, taken in the context of my participation, and this on any support, including commercial and/or advertising material, anywhere in the world, and this for as long as it is permitted by the legislation, regulations, accepted usage and international conventions, including any eventual extension that could be added to this duration.”


Personal data submitted by the participants is intended for habilitated personal only, from the entity in charge of processing this data. This data ensures the processing of the participants registrations. Participants may receive information regarding the race for which they have applied, but also for other sports events. The race organization informs all participants that their coordinates may be provided to the sponsors and other third party organizations and that they may therefore receive offers and/or information from these bodies. In accordance with the Data protection act, you have a right of access, rectification and opposition to all of your personal data, by contacting the organization by email : contact@marathondubeaujolais.org or by mail, along with the copy of a valid ID, addressed to Extra Sports – Marathon International du Beaujolais – 5 rue Vauban – 69006 Lyon. You can also unsubscribe to our newsletters by clicking on the link below one of the received newsletters. Your requests will be taken into account not later than 48 hours –working days-, except for requests submitted by mail, which require a period of 8 days.


The organization of International Beaujolais Marathon reserves the right to cancel or postpone part or all the event for any reason that would put the runner’s life in danger or in case of force majeure without compensation for the runners
Particpants who have suscribe to the “cancellation guarantee” could request a refun of their registration according to the conditions indicated in the paragraph “Cancellation guarantee”.
Participants who have suscribe to the postponement 2023 option will be able to postpone their registration to 2023.

For the participants who disn’t suscribe to any option: cancellation guarantee or postponement option, it will have no refund of the registrations.
In case of event postponement for any reason that would put runner’s life in danger or in case of force majeure, a percentage of the participant’s registration will automatically be postponed to next year.
The percentage will be determined according to the date on which the date of the postponement decision will be taken:
– Cancellation or postponement less than 6 month before the event: 80% of the registration amount will be postponed
– Cancellation or postponement less than 4 month before the event: 70% of the registration amount will be postponed
– Cancellation or postponement less than 2 month before the event: 60% of the registration amount will be postponed



Any participant’s registration attests that he is aware of these 2022 regulations, and that he is committing to respect the whole of these measures, without any restriction.

Further information is available at the Fédération Française d’Athlétisme

The race organization reminds all participants that the abuse of alcohol is harmful to health and invites everyone to consume with moderation! 

(the consumption of alcohol is strictly forbidden to anyone less than 18 years old)

Our thanks to all our sponsors