Race Regulations


Regulations of the Marathon International du Beaujolais 2024.

These regulations are subject to change.

The Beaujolais International Marathon as well as the Relay 3/4, the Half Marathon and the 13km du Rhône, the Family Marathon and the Rando POUR ELLES are organised by the “BEAUJOLAIS RUNNERS” association on Saturday 23rd November 2024.


Le Marathon International du Beaujolais propose 5 distances pour 5 formules

– Marathon solo ou relais

– Semi marathon

– 13km du Rhône


– Marathon familial

Inscriptions en ligne uniquement sur le site du Marathon International du Beaujolais.

Toutes les inscriptions sont fermes et définitives. Il ne peut être remboursé pour quelque cause que ce soit, sauf pour les coureurs ayant souscrit à la formule « garantie annulation » et pour raisons médicales (voir conditions dans la rubrique assurance annulation).

Toutes les inscriptions sont personnelles mais les transferts d’inscription sont autorisés et doivent être effectués directement depuis le compte cavalier du cédant. Les organisateurs déclinent toute responsabilité en cas de litige entre les deux parties. Toute personne possédant un dossard acquis en violation du présent règlement pourra être disqualifiée. Le dossard doit être parfaitement lisible pendant la course. Les organisateurs déclinent toute responsabilité en cas d’accident dans ce type de situation.

Compte tenu de la spécificité des épreuves (terrain accidenté, chemins de terre, trottoirs…), les courses ne sont pas adaptées aux fauteuils roulants.

Des contrôles seront effectués pendant les courses pour s’assurer de leur parfaite régularité.

Race numbers

To take part in any of the events, you must wear a number pinned to your chest with 3 pins. Under no circumstances may it be reduced, cut or folded, failing which you will be disqualified.

Numbers can be collected on presentation of the “collection card” and an identity document:

  • Thursday 21/11/2024 12.00 to 20.00,
  • and on Friday 22/11/2024 from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm,
  • in the PARC EXPO village: 121 avenue de l’Europe 69400 Villefranche sur Saône.

No race numbers will be issued on race day, Saturday 23/11/2024.

Possibility of sending the race number (only) by post subject to registration before 20/10/2024. Metropolitan France only. Chargeable option, to be booked at the time of registration only. Non-refundable option.

Only for individual registrations (excluding relays and groups).

Any application incomplete by this date will not be sent.

The organisers cannot be held responsible for postal service malfunctions.

Age limits

20 years or over for the Solo Marathon

18 or over for the Half Marathon

16 or over for the Marathon Relay or 13km

12 or over for the Rando POUR ELLES

12 or over for the Family Marathon (under 12s accompanied by an adult)

For minors, parental authorisation is required on registration.





10 The reimbursement of the person giving up his/her number will be made once the replacement has registered. Registration is at the current rate”. -> until 10/11/2024 CANCELLATION / MODIFICATION OF REGISTRATION

In the event of cancellation, no refund will be made. However, to cover you in the event of cancellation, the organisers offer you the option of taking out a guarantee when you register.

Runner cancellation guarantee

When registering, all participants can take out the “Cancellation guarantee” option.This guarantees reimbursement of the registration fee (minus €4 administration fee, the amount of the transaction fee and the amount of the cancellation guarantee).

This applies in 2 cases:

1_Theparticipant is forced to cancel for medical reasons.

Conditions: accident, serious illness, inability to run.

The seriousness of the illness or accident must be certified by a competent authority, which will issue a medical certificate in French stating that there are no contraindications to running.

Conditions for reimbursement: All requests for reimbursement must be sent to us, together with the medical certificate, by 18/11/2024 at the latest, as evidenced by the postmark, to Extra Sports – Marathon International du Beaujolais – 107, rue Béchevelin – 69007 Lyon.

If the race number is sent by post, the request must be made before 15/10 23:59.


Change of race

– From one race to another with lower mileage, no refund…

– From a hike or a race to a race with a higher mileage, payment of the difference according to the current price list.

No changes will be made on site.

Requests for changes must be received by post/email no later than 07/11/2024 and subject to the availability of race numbers.

Number transfer

You can transfer your number to another person by going to the Marathon International du Beaujolais website in the practical information section.

You must follow this procedure if you wish to transfer your number.

Number transfers are possible until 08/11/2024. No changes will be made on site. The reimbursement of the person transferring his/her number will be made once the registration of the replacement person has been completed. Registration is at the current rate until 10/11/2024.

Refund: the transaction fee and a 4 euro refund fee will be deducted from the refund.

Please note that if you have been invited, you will not be able to transfer your race number.

For people who have postponed their registration, there will be no refund possible. Please contact us and we will tell you what to do.


Groups (more than 15 people): no change after 15/10/2024.

Each competitor takes part in the competition under his or her own and exclusive responsibility; the race number, placed in front of the competitor during the race, must be completely legible or he or she will be disqualified.

Entries may not be transferred without notifying the organisers.

Any entrant who transfers his or her number to a third party remains solely responsible for any damage suffered or caused by the third party during the race, and the organisers accept no liability in such a situation.

SAS Élite & préférentiel :

All requests for Elite or Preferential race numbers must be made directly on the registration form before 10/11/2024.



No more medical certificate of no contraindication, but a personalised health passport.

The “Sport” law of 2 March 2022 has left it up to each federation to decide whether or not it is compulsory for non-licensed participants to provide a medical certificate to take part in sporting competitions.

Since 16 January 2024, the FFA has introduced the Parcours Prévention Santé (PPS) for all non-licensed adult participants in running competitions organised in France, replacing the medical certificate.

All non-licensed adult participants registering for a timed event in the Marathon du Beaujolais must log on to the dedicated web platform pps.athle. fr in the 3 months prior to the competition and follow the various steps designed to raise awareness of the risks, precautions and recommendations associated with running, via educational content (text and video).

At the end of the PPS, participants will be able to print out their certificate of completion (temporary number) and provide it to the organisers before the race by completing their online registration form.


The race organization has taken out insurance for civil liability as required by the legislation currently in force and has provided the required valid justification to the prefectoral services with the presentation of a confirmation in response to the request from the administrative authorities.

The race organization strongly recommends that all runners who do not have insurance for personal injuries, in particular those who do not have a license issued by a sporting federation, take out individual accident insurance to cover their participation in the event.

 By registering for any event organized by the  « BEAUJOLAIS RUNNERS », every participant confirms his specific authorization to the association, to its members as well as to all other parties with appropriate rights, such as sponsors and members of the media to use directly or indirectly any still or audiovisual pictures taken during the complete event on which they may appear, and this on any media, including on promotional and advertising material, anywhere in the world and this for as long as this is permitted by the legislation, regulations, accepted usage and international conventions whether actual or future, and renounces implicitly any right to make any demand for either remuneration or compensation. The race organization informs all participants that their coordinates may be provided to the sponsors and other sister-organizations and that they may therefore receive offers from these bodies.


In accordance with the law, the organizers have subscribed to an insurance covering the consequences of their third party liability. The organizer subscribed to a third party liability insurance but each participant will need to be covered by his own insurance. Participants who have subscribed to a sports license can benefit from the insurance included in their license. Participants who have not subscribed to a sports license will have to get an insurance of their own.


“I expressly authorize the organizers of “Marathon international du Beaujolais”and their beneficiaries such as media and partners, to make use of any still or audiovisual picture on which I may appear, taken in the context of my participation, and this on any support, including commercial and/or advertising material, anywhere in the world, and this for as long as it is permitted by the legislation, regulations, accepted usage and international conventions, including any eventual extension that could be added to this duration.”


Personal data submitted by the participants is intended for habilitated personal only, from the entity in charge of processing this data. This data ensures the processing of the participants registrations. Participants may receive information regarding the race for which they have applied, but also for other sports events. The race organization informs all participants that their coordinates may be provided to the sponsors and other third party organizations and that they may therefore receive offers and/or information from these bodies. In accordance with the Data protection act, you have a right of access, rectification and opposition to all of your personal data, by contacting the organization by email : contact@marathondubeaujolais.org or by mail, along with the copy of a valid ID, addressed to Extra Sports – Marathon International du Beaujolais – 5 rue Vauban – 69006 Lyon. You can also unsubscribe to our newsletters by clicking on the link below one of the received newsletters. Your requests will be taken into account not later than 48 hours –working days-, except for requests submitted by mail, which require a period of 8 days.


The organization of International Beaujolais Marathon reserves the right to cancel or postpone part or all the event for any reason that would put the runner’s life in danger or in case of force majeure without compensation for the runners
Particpants who have suscribe to the “cancellation guarantee” could request a refun of their registration according to the conditions indicated in the paragraph “Cancellation guarantee”.
Participants who have suscribe to the postponement 2023 option will be able to postpone their registration to 2023.

For the participants who disn’t suscribe to any option: cancellation guarantee or postponement option, it will have no refund of the registrations.
In case of event postponement for any reason that would put runner’s life in danger or in case of force majeure, a percentage of the participant’s registration will automatically be postponed to next year.
The percentage will be determined according to the date on which the date of the postponement decision will be taken:
– Cancellation or postponement less than 6 month before the event: 80% of the registration amount will be postponed
– Cancellation or postponement less than 4 month before the event: 70% of the registration amount will be postponed
– Cancellation or postponement less than 2 month before the event: 60% of the registration amount will be postponed



Any participant’s registration attests that he is aware of these 2022 regulations, and that he is committing to respect the whole of these measures, without any restriction.

Further information is available at the Fédération Française d’Athlétisme

The race organization reminds all participants that the abuse of alcohol is harmful to health and invites everyone to consume with moderation! 

(the consumption of alcohol is strictly forbidden to anyone less than 18 years old)

Our thanks to all our sponsors