Race Regulations

ART.1 : The International Marathon of Beaujolais as well as the Half Marathon and the 13km of the Rhône have been organized by the association « BEAUJOLAIS RUNNERS », on Saturday, November 17th 2018.
ART.2 : Runners in possession of a race bib, whether licenced or not, may participate in the races, provided that they meet the following age requirements on the day of the race (the 17/11/2018) :

  • 20 years or more for the Marathon,
  • 18 years or more for the Half Marathon,
  • 16 years or more for the

For runners who are less than 18 years old, it is essential that parental permission is correctly granted during the online registration process. Runners will be divided into separate categories depending on their age.

During the races, controls will take place in order to ensure that there are no irregularities or failures to comply with the race regulations.

ART.3 : Participation in the races will only be possible for runners who furnish:

  • a licence Athlé Compétition, Athlé Entreprise or Athlé Running issued by the FFA, valid on the date of the event or of a  « Pass’ J’aime Courir » issued by the FFA and completed by a doctor, valid on the day of the event. (Important : other licences issued by the FFA (Santé-Loisirs, Encadrement et Découverte will not be accepted) ;
  • OR a sports licence, valid on the date of the event, issued by an approved federation only, and on which it is stipulated that there is an absence of any contraindications for participation in competitive sport, in competitive athletics, or in competitive running races ;
  • OR a medical certificate stipulating an absence of any contraindications for participation in competitive sport, in competitive athletics, or in competitive running races, dated less than one year before the date of the event, or a copy of said certificate. No document confirming the existence or possession of such a medical certificate will be accepted.
  • Depending on which valid document is presented, he race organization will retain either the trace of the licence presented (its number and the details of the issuing federation), or the original or the copy of the certificate.
  • Participants from abroad must present a medical certificate stipulating an absence of any contraindications for participation in competitive athletics, or in competitive running races, EVEN IF they are in possession of a competition licence issued by a federation affiliated to the IAAF. The text of this certificate must in French, dated, signed and stamped by the doctor in such a way as to be able to identify his name and address, whether or not he is registered in France. If the text is not in French, then the certificate must be accompanied by a translation into French.
  • It will be impossible to collect race bibs without a valid identity document (ID Card, Passport), and on condition that this has already been validated by the race organizers.
ART.4 : The race bibs may be collected upon presentation of the  « carte retrait » (running number card) and a valid identity document :

  • Thursday, 15/11/2018 from 12h00 to 20h00,
  • and Friday 16/11/2018 from 10h00 to 20h00,
  • at the Marathon Village at PARC EXPO : 121 avenue de l’Europe 69400 Villefranche sur Saône.

No race bib will be available for collection on the day of the race, Saturday 17/11/2018.

It is possible to send the race bib (only) by post on condition that registration has been completed before 15/10/2018. Mainland France only. This option must be requested at the moment of registration and a non-refundable fee will be levied.

ART.5 : Every registration is individually specific, firm and definitive ; under no circumstances will there be any reimbursement or indemnity, and the race organizers reserve the right to cancel the event in the case of force majeure or as a consequence of an unexpected event representing a risk to the security of the runners.
ART.6 : No change in race can be made without payment of the difference in price (if the race is more expensive), however, no reimbursement will be made in the case of a change to a less expensive race.

Transferring a race bib to another runner (in the same race), takes place directly online by the runner who cancels (see section My Registration / Transfer of Race Bib).

Groups (more than 10 people) : no changes allowed after 25/10/2018.

ART.7 : Each competitor participates in the event on his sole and exclusive responsibility and at his own risk ; the number of the race bib, attached to your chest during the race, must be completely visible and readable, on pain of disqualification.

No transfer of registration may be made without informing the race organization.

Anyone registered who gives their race bib to someone else, remains entirely and solely responsible for any damage or loss, either suffered or caused by this person during the race. The race organization refuses any responsibility whatsoever in these circumstances.

Each individual is entirely and solely responsible for the safety of their personal effects. The race organization categorically refuses any responsibility for any loss, theft or damage.

ART.8 : The race organization has taken out insurance for civil liability as required by the legislation currently in force and has provided the required valid justification to the prefectoral services with the presentation of a confirmation in response to the request from the administrative authorities.

The race organization strongly recommends that all runners who do not have insurance for personal injuries, in particular those who do not have a licence issued by a sporting federation, take out individual accident insurance to cover their participation in the event.

ART.9 : For each race, the participants will have a maximum time allotted for completion of the course to the finish line. (See Useful Information).

Any runner who is passed by the “end of the race” vehicle, will be declared “out of time” by the unilateral decision of the race organization. This implies disqualification from the race with no right to appeal.

Since normal race security will no longer apply in this case, any disqualified participant who decides to continue to run anyway, does so on his sole and exclusive responsibility and is required to adhere to the road regulations.

The race organization can in no case be held responsible in the case of an accident.

ART.10 : Runners without race bibs, animals and any form of wheeled machinery, whether motorized or not, are strictly forbidden on the course route. The sole exception are those belonging to the race organization itself.

Accompanying and supporting family or friends are also strictly forbidden on the race course, on pain of having their athlete disqualified.

ART.11 : The first 3 of the male and female scratch finishers, in each of the 3 races, and the first 3 teams in each of the 3 races, will receive cups during the prize-giving ceremony which will take place on race day.
ART.12 : The results are provided to the runners immediately after crossing the finish line. Towards the end of the day, they will be affixed to panels placed near the finish line

Any complaint or protest concerning the results must be sent to the race organization no later than 15 days after the race event.

ART. 13 : In view of the terrain used for the race routes (slopes, cart tracks, pavement edges…) the races are not suitable for wheelchairs.
ART.14 : If for any reason, the race organization is obliged to cancel the event, there will be no reimbursement whatsoever.

Nevertheless, in order to protect you from this eventuality, the race organization is proposing an optional insurance for just this purpose.

This cancellation insurance must be undertaken at the moment of registration, and can in no case be made available retrospectively. To cancel, no justification is necessary. The insurance is personal and non-transferable. It will cover only the race for which you are registered (no transfer of the cancellation insurance in the case either of a change in race, or in the the case of a change in runner). It will cover all registrations between €20 and €500. The cancellation insurance is valid exclusively for the price of the race bib (the cost of the evening events is not included). The cancellation insurance is available only for registrations online which are paid by credit card. No justification is required for reimbursement. Once the declaration of cancellation has been made to the insurance company, the registration will automatically be cancelled.

ART.15 : By registering for any event organized by the  « BEAUJOLAIS RUNNERS », every participant confirms his specific authorization to the association, to its members as well as to all other parties with appropriate rights, such as sponsors and members of the media to use directly or indirectly any still or audiovisual pictures taken during the complete event on which they may appear, and this on any media, including on promotional and advertising material, anywhere in the world and this for as long as this is permitted by the legislation, regulations, accepted usage and international conventions whether actual or future, and renounces implicitly any right to make any demand for either remuneration or compensation. The race organization informs all participants that their coordinates may be provided to the sponsors and other sister-organizations and that they may therefore receive offers from these bodies.
ART.16 : In accordance with the law “Informatique et Libertés” (Computer Technology and Freedom) of January 6th, 1978 revised, all
ART.17 : In accordance with the law “Informatique et Libertés” (Computer Technology and Freedom) of January 6th, 1978 revised, all registered participants may exercise their right of access, their right to correct and their opposition to any personal information concerning themselves.
ART.18 : Every participant recognizes having read and understood this document of Regulations (to be found both on the internet and available on demand) and to have accepted all of its clauses.

Each participant undertakes on his/her honour not to jump the start and to run the complete distance of the race before crossing the finishing line.

Further information is available at the Fédération Française d’Athlétisme

The race organization reminds all participants that the abuse of alcohol is harmful to health and invites everyone to consume with moderation! 

(the consumption of alcohol is strictly forbidden to anyone less than 18 years old)

Our thanks to all our sponsors